Well hello again!

…Hola mis amigos! Firstly I must apologise for not posting since *hangs head in shame* December… I’ve had a lot of important stuff to do, you know, like… Trying to persuade mum to get me a Nandos and erm, eating the mail and stuff. Priorities!

Anyway, I have returned to the world of intellectual bloggers, so hey there, hope you’re doing alright.

It was beginning to look like Summer here in England, until it started to rain again. And since then, the weather has been most disappointing. I mean, come on! It’s may! Very nearly June! I should be running around in the fields chasing dandelions and my tennis ball in the evening sun, not walking as close to the walls and hedges as possible in a lame attempt to stay dry on my evening walks.

The sofa has an even stronger appeal now it’s cold and wet again outside. Let me emphasise ‘again’ as it is seldom beautiful and hot here. I often refuse to go out for walks, curling up as tightly as I can on the furry blanket and hoping that no one can see me. However I am always tricked. Biscuits. Those delicious chicken-flavoured biscuits. Man, they’re good. If I get off the couch, I get one. If it is certain that I will be forced out, I make sure I do not move until I am offered a treat; this way, at least the dark grey cloud of having to go for a walk in the cold has a little silver lining.

I can’t wait for the summer to come. How I love lying on the grass in the sun, feeling the breeze gently cool the tips of my paws. The days when I meet more than just one dog at the park each day because their owners are more inclined to take them for longer walks. And of course… Barbecues. Heavenly things, barbecues. Beef kebabs, burgers, sausages, chips… Not so bothered about the salad I must admit, but hey, that’s okay too. It is a miracle that we’ve been able to have two barbecues this year already considering the current weather. But none the less, I am very grateful for the opportunity.

Anyway, I must go now my friends, because it is very late and I can feel my eyelids closing, plus I need to go and and raid the kitchen in search of left over roast chicken. I will post very soon, have a great evening/morning/afternoon everybody. Thanks for reading! 🙂


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Happy December!

Happy December everyone! Sorry I haven’t done a blog in ages, I’m going to try my hardest to write something at least once a week through December and hopefully more frequently through the new year!
So here in Britain, the weather is now getting extremely cold, and I feel it more than other dogs, after all I have a very thin coat of fur. I don’t know whether this is happening where you are but it’s definitely getting colder here. There might even be snow this week!

And then of course there’s the Christmas lights! I go for extra walks most evenings and recently more and more sparkly Christmas lights have been appearing round town. It’s very pretty and makes this season a bit less dull! Blue and white star lights have been put up on the lampposts, strings of fairy lights are now draped across the trees and icicle lights are appearing on many houses around! I enjoy walking round in the evening, even if it is freezing, because of all the pretty decorations!

I can’t wait til Christmas! We have been opening the doors on our advent calendars for the past few days now and I watch as everyone eats the little chocolates inside… If I look cute, they’ll give me a biscuit or something out of pity! That’s how I roll!
The talk of turkey and Christmas dinner has begun and my mouth is watering just picturing it. The succulent, tender, flavoursome turkey, the warm, buttery carrots and other delicious vegetables and then of course there’s the potatoes and the Yorkshire puddings! Christmas lunch has to be the best part of Christmas, for me anyway.

It looks like we might have a white Christmas this year! I hope so! I really enjoy eating the snow… It’s very refreshing! However it does get a bit cold on my paws but then again, I always feel cold, with or without snow!

Got to go and hide now, I think mom wants to take me for a walk! Have a lovely day everyone and I will definitely write very soon!


LittleBlackDawg x

P.s. my thoughts are with everyone still affected by Hurricane Sandy, I hope you all are ok x

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I don’t know what I’d do without my friends. They can make me bark with happiness when I don’t even want to smile. (Yes, dogs can smile as those who have a canine companion will know.) We have our good days and our bad days, I admit. Sometimes I will gladly play chase or let them share my tennis ball, but some days I just want to ignore everyone and go back to bed. I have a large group of friends; lurchers, spaniels, labs, beagles, Alsatians… You name it! And they are all very special to me. But I have a two absolute best friends who I look forward to seeing every morning on my walks. We ran and ran, chasing tennis balls and other toys. We played tag; diving and dodging the trees and bushes. The best times where in the summer holidays when all our owners could take us for walks at similar times in the mornings and we would be nice and warm in the early morning sun. We’d greet each other with such happiness too! Sometimes we’d go on a scavenger hunt – once, we found a sandwich, biscuit and packet of crisps on the same afternoon!
Whenever I feel down, I remember those times we had and feel a little more content. They are the friends who stick by you; the ones who will always take your side or back you up if another dog has stolen your tennis ball. They comfort me when I’m sad, make me calm when I’m angry, help me relax when I’m stressed… And even though I have not known them for a very long time, they have, by far, become my best friends.
So I guess I’d just like to say thank you for being there… You know who you are! And I hope I can return all the kindness you have given me! It’s amazing that I have ended up with such awesome friends. Just a year or so ago I was a stray puppy wandering the streets alone and scared with a bleak future and perhaps no chance of a happy ending. However my life has been transformed and that is thanks to the people around me. So thank you to all my friends; you are all very special!
Have a lovely day everyone!
LittleBlackDawg 🙂


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Hey everyone! Thanks for reading my blog! I really appreciate it!
These past few days, it has been getting colder and colder. I don’t know whether it’s the same where you are, but you can definitely tell Winter is coming here in the UK.
The wind is now strong, sharp and icy and the sky is mostly grey and cloudy now. Occasionally, the sun decides to shine but most of the time, she stays behind the clouds.
I guess my hatred for the cold, the wind and the rain stemmed from when I was a stray. After walking the streets at only a few months old; tired, cold and hungry; I now have horrible memories of that time which flood back now and again whenever I see the rain outside the window. Thunder storms aren’t nice either, I tend to climb up onto the sofa and curl up on Dad or another member of the family. I bury my nose and try to block out the sounds of the loud, rumbling thunder and the crash of the lightning. I’ll sometimes get a fluffy blanket put over me if I’m shivering and I’ll always get a cuddle.
There are a few advantages of Winter though.
I can have the heating on all day if I’m lucky; my mum leaves it on just for me if it’s cold out.
I can sit in my bed by the radiator in the kitchen and warm myself before I have to go out for a walk. The walks can be a down side. I love walks, don’t get me wrong, but when it’s icy, cold and rainy, the prospect doesn’t look so great. My paws get cold and I sometimes slip on the ice, though I don’t like to admit it. On the field the grass is frosty and spiky, which hurts if you’re running full speed after a tennis ball.
Even though it’s cold, I actually enjoy playing in the snow! The family throw snowballs for me to catch which is fun and I love digging in the snow and eating it! When I was told that it was frozen rain, I was intrigued! So I ate it. It was very nice considering it was rain.
But the best part of Winter is the fire. We have an open fire in the lounge and I stretch myself across the mat and absorb the warmth.
And then there’s the Christmas dinner. Oh wow, oh wow, oh wow! On Christmas day, the smells of turkey and gravy and yummy vegetables waft through the house to my nose. I’m up like a shot! I sit by the oven, peering in and then go to my nearest bed (I have a few, though the one in the kitchen is kind of just a cushion because I ripped it up when I first arrived here. But it’s still very cosy!!). I watch from my bed as the timer gradually decreases until it bleeps telling us that the food inside is ready! I bark, just to make sure everyone knows and then I sit by the worktop watching my dad carve the turkey. He’ll sometimes sneak a piece into my bowl! Once everyone has eaten, the family pick up my bowl and fill it with turkey, carrots and broccoli. I even got a roast potato! I don’t usually get human food, only when they’re having roast chicken. The turkey is delicious! I get presents at Christmas too: biccies, toys and other things! It’s great! I will definitely be writing a post at Christmas so keep a look out!

So I think although there are lots of disadvantages of Winter (and I’m sure I will be writing about some of them in the future) there are some good things too… (turkey… Chicken… Turkey…)
Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed it!

LittleBlackDawg 🙂

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All by myself…


This post is long delayed, but better late than never! So now the whole family have gone back to work, high school and college and I am, once again, alone. So now my days consist of sitting on the sofa (or lying across it, depending on how I’m feeling) and looking out the window waiting for something to bark at. If I’m lucky there’ll be a bag to investigate, some cardboard to rip up or an apple core to steal from the work top.

I have had many fun days since I was adopted, so I thought I’d share some with you!

So there was the time I ripped up my mum’s bag… Nicely done if I do say so myself! I was bored, so I just went into the study to see if there was anything interesting around. I opened the door to the hallway (yes, I did open it like you humans do; push the handle, then walk backwards and open it…) and pushed open the door to the study. There I found my mum’s bag. I’d seen it a number of times; the smooth, brown leather, the pretty patterns, the long handles. I couldn’t resist. A few minutes later, the bag handles were in tatters. I didn’t mean to destroy it…

Then there was the time I got myself locked in the study.The family were out shopping and I was looking for something to do. So I went into the study as there is always something interesting in there! I wandered around then got bored and decided that I wanted to go and see what was in the kitchen instead. So I attempted to open the door again. You see, the study door is shiny and slippery and when I tried to reopen it, I slipped and ended up shutting the door. I tried again and again to open it, but the handle was so stiff I couldn’t! So I ended up tearing some stuff from the recycling bin up and barking madly when I heard the car come up the drive!

And not forgetting the Paracetamol incident. Yep, I did eat a box of Paracetamol. I was bored ok? It looked interesting. I only wanted the box. But then I realised there was something inside and I was intrigued. So I ate it. It didn’t taste very nice. A bit bitter if you ask me. But anyway, that resulted in a rather drowzy dog and I was taken to the PDSA to spend the night. Which was fun. Not. I spent the night having various drips pumped into my paws, several injections stuck in the scruff of my neck, and I didn’t sleep at all. I was too busy barking and whining to sleep. It was scary; I didn’t know what was happening! The next day, I was home, safe and sound in my furry bed and was fine!

I’ve ripped up various bags, eaten a variety of things and had many fun times.

I hope you enjoyed this post, if you liked it, let me know and I’ll try to do more like this!

Have a lovely evening everyone!

LittleBlackDawg 🙂

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Doggy Dreaming


Hey everyone! Just wanted to say thank you so much to everyone who liked my previous post (Crumpets…)! I was so amazed when I got a ton of emails telling me you amazing people out there had liked my post and are now following me! Huge big woof!!

Isn’t it so annoying when you have a really interesting dream, then you wake up and can’t remember anything about it?
I usually remember my dreams very vividly, but last night I know I had an awesome dream but I can’t remember a thing about it! I even restrained from barking at the milkman so I could go back to sleep and continue the dream! This is really annoying me. Anyone had a similar experience?
And then there’s the dreams when you wake up and genuinely have no idea whether they were real or not. And when the dream world merges with reality.
There was this time where I dreamt I was at the local field and I caught the scent of delicious biccies on the wind. I followed the scent to the trees and there I found a tower of biscuits in different colours and flavours; chicken, liver, beef, carrot, you name it! I looked up and saw a humongous biscuit bone right at the top. It looked and smelt delectable. I started to climb to the top of the pile. I could hear a clatter, hum and slosh beneath me. I looked down and saw the ground was brown and furry. I was getting closer to that biccie. I wasn’t going to stop now! I was so close to it by now; a few more steps and I’d have it. I felt my lead being clipped onto my collar. It was trying to pull me down. But no! I needed to get that biccie! The clattering sounds were getting louder and louder. I pulled at my lead until I was close enough to reach the biscuit. It continued to try and pull me down. Then, with one huge leap, I jumped to the top and grabbed the gigantic biccie in my mouth! Then I felt the lead pull at me again. I struggled with it – I couldn’t drop it now! Shoving the biccie to the side of my mouth, I grabbed the lead with my strong teeth and started wrestling with it. Gradually, the clattering got louder and suddenly I woke up. I was stretched out across my bed, looking down at the brown, furry cushion. I realised I had something in my mouth. I sat up and my lead was dangling from my jaw. The clattering was coming from the kitchen where the rest of the family were making breakfast. Strangest of all, I could taste that giant biccie… It all seemed very real! That morning on my walk, I ran off to check the place where, in my dream, the tower of biccies stood. However much to my disappointment, it wasn’t there. I did find a stray chicken-flavoured biscuit bone though!
How strange!
Let me know in the comments if you guys have had any funny or strange dream experiences; I’d love to hear from you!

Thanks for reading, have a lovely evening!

LittleBlackDawg 🙂

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Hey everyone! Sorry I haven’t been posting recently, I’ve been busy lying on the sofa, looking out the window… Protecting my house from the postlady. Busy busy.
So I thought I’d share with you something I saw today. My owner’s friend (you know who you are) suggested I write a blog post about this so here goes.
On the worktop… Sitting there… Hot out that box you call the ‘toaster’… Butter melting in and jam sparkling in the light.
As a pup, I never knew such things existed. I’d seen golden brown slices of bread pop out the toaster many times; I’d watch from my bed and take in the gorgeous smell. But it was only recently when I discovered these ‘crumpets’.
Do you like crumpets? What’s your favourite type of snack? Comment below and like this post if it’s worthy! Thanks for reading!



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Birthday Woof!

Hi everyone!

This is a special birthday woof for Ellie (13swiftie4eva13) who’s birthday is today!

Happy birthday Ellie! Have a great day!

If you’d like a birthday woof or a woof for someone else, please comment your/their name and birthday below and I will wish them a very happy birthday!

Have a nice day! 🙂


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Barking at the fairground…

Hi everyone!

The carousel. I saw one of these strange fairground rides a little while ago and, I admit it, I was utterly confused. It was a large circular platform with multi-coloured poles that seemed to rise into the sky! In the middle of each pole, a rather strange, brightly coloured horse sat. I had never seen horses like them! They were small and patterned with pink swirls and gold lines and everything in between.

I had never seen horses like these…

They had splendid saddles of the brightest colours: blues, pinks, greens and golds. Even I could see the colours and dogs can’t see colour that well!

Suddenly, lights flashed. Music blared out of old-fashioned speakers. Then, slowly at first, the platform started to move. Round and round. The people bobbed up and down like ducks; disappearing as the large box in the centre obscured my view. Round and round, faster and faster. Strange mythical carrying my family round the big box.

I barked at it, but the platform didn’t stop. I wanted to show these so called ‘horses’ who they were dealing with so I barked and growled and barked again until I proved successful and the horses stopped. The people dismounted the horses and left the platform. Yet it didn’t stop for long. It started up again a few minutes after the previous turn.

I gathered from the conversation my family were having on the journey home that these horses weren’t real, that it was a fairground ride and that the carousel was my mum’s favourite ride when she was a kid. So all that barking for nothing!

What about you guys? What’s your favourite fairground ride? Do you like carousels and do you have any funny experiences? Please comment below if you’d be kind enough to share them – I’d love to hear from you! You could also take a look at the poll below!

Thanks for reading, guys!

Enjoy your day!


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Trains and the tables…

Recently, I travelled on a thing that I can only describe as a moving box. It was long and shiny, and had many smaller boxes attached. My mum said it was a train. Strange things, these ‘trains’. They’re kind of like what you humans call cars, but this ‘train’ thing was much larger. There was lots of cloud like stuff floating up from a tube at the top, which I admit, scared me a little at first. In fact the whole thing scared me! It came into the station with great force and was incredibly loud! My dad told me it was a steam train when I looked quizzically at it.
However, in the midst of the confusion, I discovered how cosy train tables are. I sat underneath it, sheltering from the beating sun. Now, tables are nothing new to me. My family have one at home and I enjoy lying under that one too, but the one of the train was just so small and cosy. I spent most of the time sitting there, in between barking at men punching holes in our tickets and also trying to clamber up onto the seats. I was quickly told to get down by my mum. Discrimination, I say! There was a vast amount of smells too: dust, some stick-of-rock a toddler left behind, the salty sea air and also a hint of bacon from the nearby cafe!

Those seats looked way better than the floor…

The rocking sensation of the train made me feel slightly nauseous at first, however I got used to it and despite having to sit on the floor the whole time, I enjoyed the journey.
When we reached the platform, I was overwhelmed by how many different trains there were! There were lots of people too, as well as a few fellow dogs. I didn’t manage to meet them all though.
So generally I enjoyed my journey under a train table.
What about you guys? Do you like trains? What’s you favourite type of train? Do you use them often? Do you have any funny or interesting experiences you’d be willing to share? Please comment below if you do, I’d love to hear any experiences or opinions you have!
Thanks for reading, have a nice day!!


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